TheateLogo_TheateroftheCourtroomr of the Courtroom, Episode 171

August 30, 2016: “Brand Strategy and Storytelling with Ratana” Host Mike Deblis and I talk about how to craft a great story, why it’s so important, and more.

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Ask the Guy Show, Episode 19

June 28, 2016: “Talent Plus Connecting Like a Hustler Equals Ratana’s Amazing Journey”  I sat down with host Luke Guy, to talk about how building great relationships can help your business succeed.

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Say Yes Podcast, Episode 76

June 8, 2016: “Traveling South America” Host Laura Yamin challenges her audience to do one thing that scares them, everyday. To that end, she asks her guests, what did you “Say Yes” to? In this quick chat with Laura, learn about the adventures that inspired a major change in my lifestyle.

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Entrepreneur On Fire, Episode 1235Logo_EOF-2015

March 9, 2016: “How to rid yourself of the 5 people who DRAG you down.” EOF is a daily podcast that features entrepreneurs from every industry and size imaginable. Host John Lee Dumas asks Ratana to share stories about how she got started, what challenges she faced and how she stays motivated. It’s talking about the power of storytelling, with the master of storytelling.

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The Coachzing Show, Episode 265Coachzing

June 12,2015: “How to enroll more clients through the power of story.” The Coachzing Podcast shares the best of content marketing with coaches, therapists, and speakers. Host Doug Foresta and Ratana discuss how to find your story so you can win more clients.

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Logo_StarAdvertiser-thumbnailHonolulu Star Advertiser

September 17, 2010: “Fifth Improvaganza Celebrates Success” provides a preview of Improvaganza 5, including a schedule of events.

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