Jenny + Ratana’s Storybook Christmas

See these two ladies? The one on the right is my friend Jenny Wabich. She’s a phenomenal musician, singer, songwriter… all the things. She grew up in Canada and moved to LA to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional musician.

And the one on the left in the elf hat? That’s me, Ratana. I love to make people laugh, write and perform using silly voices. Oh, and sing and stuff. I grew up in Detroit and moved to LA to get a business degree. Then I decided it was more fun to apply all that education towards a career in acting and voiceover.


Jenny and I are like sisters, and we’ve talked about making a Christmas album almost from the first second we met. Because we love working together, and because we love Christmas. We collaborated on this fun little project – an album with some of our favourite Christmas music and a few other fun goodies.  Jenny wrote all the arrangements, her husband Chris played drums, helped us mix and master it, and I added vocals and comedy.

We are so proud and excited to introduce Jenny & Ratana’s Storybook Christmas


Click on the album cover for a sneak peek!

And because we are so lucky to be making our dreams come true doing work we love, we wanted to be able to help children from our home countries make their dreams come true, too.

The CD version is $20 USD, shipping included. You can grab a copy, here.

Or you can download the MP3 version, for $10.

Proceeds from the sale of Jenny & Ratana’s Storybook Christmas will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the US and Canada. Yay for making wishes come true!


Put one in your stocking…and maybe grab one for your family and friends too!


Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays!