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Challenge Accepted: Introducing the 21 day FB Live Challenge

I decided to join a 21-day Facebook Live challenge. Why? I’m a Professional Storyteller. My stage is usually the voiceover booth, a corporate boardroom or a stage in a theater. This year, I decided to study on-camera acting technique to help broaden my acting horizons and continue my storytelling education. I realized that the camera […]

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A view of the marathon course!
Photo Credit: Ratana

Philanthropy Fridays: Meet the Team (in Training)

Those of you who know me know that I’m multi-passionate. One of the things I’m passionate about is giving back, in whatever way you can. Whether it’s the gift of your time, a small monetary donation or some product or service you offer, giving back is so important. I’m grateful I even get to give […]

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My Butt Ended Up On True Blood

My Facebook feed blew up on Sunday night, thanks to a “little” show about Vampires called “True Blood.”  Why?  I made a very short cameo during the opening scene.  It’s so short, I don’t even think I’m credited. A friend of mine captured this screen shot:   I’m blessed and lucky indeed to have gotten […]

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