Almost VO Triathlon: Bike for Kam & Running Safety PSA

A triathlon is an athletic event comprised of a swim, a bike ride and a run. While several of my athletically ambitious friends are training for an Ironman Triathlon later this summer, I’ve completed two legs of a voiceover tri!


April 29, 2014:  I was honored to lend my voice for the recruitment and fundraising campaign for the 4th annual Bike for Kam, a 120-mile bike ride from Los Angeles to San Diego, taking place on May 31st.


Bike for Kam is a grassroots project about a group of friends, old and new, coming together to complete coastal bike tours to raise funds and awareness for all those afflicted with HIBM (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy); an extremely rare muscle debilitating condition. Kam is an HIBM patient and she and her friends began this project because it is no longer about finding the cure; it is about funding the cure. The technology exists to treat and stop the progression but the bottleneck is funding. This is Bike for Kam’s fourth annual ride. 

If you feel compelled to donate or ride, please visit or check out their page on Facebook.  All donations are tax deductible to 501(c)(3) non profit.


March 20, 2014:  Road Runners Club of America announced their Run Smart: Run Safe safety campaign via Runners World, with an animated video offering tips and tricks to stay safe while running.  You can read the article here. As a runner myself, I was happy to lend my talents to this project.

Two thirds of a VO Triathlon: Got the Bike & the Run down… now all that’s left: SWIM!!

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