Are you ready to shine?

It’s showtime. You’re backstage waiting for your cue.

Are you ready?

Yesterday, my friend + mentor Selena Soo shared some of her best tips on how strategically using publicity can help build your business… and it’s worked for all kinds of folks from health gurus to consultants to performers and storytellers (like me).


Selena Soo has just opened doors to her bestselling program, where she pulls back the curtain on how to get the big visibility opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s called…
Reach more people. Change the world.

IMPACTING MILLIONS® is a 90-day online program where Selena teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities.

You will learn how to get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives).

Get all the details right here.

Here’s just a teaser of what you’ll learn in this program…

Which publicity opportunities are best for YOU based on YOUR goals (whether that’s building your list, filling a group program, or writing a bestselling book) – and discover what each outlet is looking for, so you can hand it to them.

How to establish your credibility to the media, even if you’re a beginner or aren’t sure if you’re “big enough” yet.

Identify + talk about what makes you unique – so you can distinguish yourself from the thousands of people who do similar work & get picked for these highly coveted opportunities.

The Follow-Up Formula – Selena’s simple system for leaving a memorable impression and creating a long-term relationship with media contacts. (She’ll share when to follow up, how often, and exactly what to say and do.)

The secrets to becoming a regular contributor on your favorite sites like Huffington Post, Fast Company, Positively Positive, Harvard Business Review, and more.

The Art of the Pitch: the psychology behind crafting a pitch the media is looking for. (Plus, you’ll get Selena’s tested pitch templates you can use in your outreach.)

Monetizing Your Media Coverage – the strategies to turn your new fans into paying clients and customers.

And so much more.

Plus, you get a full YEAR’s access to the IMPACTING MILLIONS® INSIDERS CIRCLE.

The INSIDERS CIRCLE includes 3 parts…

Live Webinars with Media Mentors – People always want to get access to Selena’s personal network. She’s spent years developing relationships with people in the media – and you get to benefit from it. Over the course of your year in the INSIDERS CIRCLE, you get regular opportunities to join live sessions with her and her media insiders to get tips and feedback. This is your chance to personally connect + gain a real competitive advantage.

Access to the members-only Facebook group – This is where you’ll connect with the community, cultivate your “power network,” and receive feedback + support from other highly motivated entrepreneurs.

Lifetime Access to the IMPACTING MILLIONS® course – So you can come back to the modules any time you want. Plus, each time the course is released, you’ll get access to the newest version of each module.

Get all the details now.

AND, if you register by Friday, March 23rd at 11:59pm ET, you get 3 more bonuses…

The Messaging Lab Bonus: Don’t know how to communicate what you do? (Especially to the media?) This lab is a virtual workshop where you learn how to talk your work in a way the media finds compelling.

The Story Idea Workshop Bonus: Not sure which of your stories the media will want to feature? In this virtual workshop, you’ll be working with a magazine editor to figure out great story ideas to pitch to the media.

Sales Accelerator Intensive Bonus: Want to know how to get clients fast or monetize your media coverage? In this intensive session, you’ll learn how to turn leads into sales quickly and rapidly grow your business.

Because I believe in Selena’s work and am a proud affiliate (meaning I get a commission if you choose to invest in the program through the link on this email), I want to sweeten the deal, and give you even more value!

If you sign up through my affiliate link here, you’ll receive the following special bonus package:

Branding Bootcamp (available for the first 10 people who sign up): Before you can pitch yourself to media, you’ve gotta get your story down. And that story starts with and ends with your brand. I’m conducting a one-day virtual workshop, where you’ll learn:
* The basics of personal branding
* What marketers don’t tell you about creating a brand
* Your personal brand blueprint + how to use it in pitches, interviews and more
(Value $349)

Brand Review Strategy Session: a 45-minute meeting with me to review your current branding and strategize ways to strengthen your messaging and positioning.
(Value $225)

Storyteller’s Study Group:  A (secret) Facebook group, just for you, to break down each module and help you get even more value from the lessons. I’ll provide my own “Cliff’s Notes” to the material and help you apply the lessons to your work faster.
(Value $147)

Over $700 in additional content, plus some surprise bonuses throughout the program!

I believe in this because it works. I’m a living example, having participated in the very first Impacting Millions course. (It has only gotten better with time!) My investment in this class (and in myself) has repaid itself several times over.

So, question for you –

Are you ready to reach more people, become a respected expert, and impact more lives (in a way that only you can)?

If the answer is yes, I look forward to seeing you inside Impacting Millions!

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