A retro look at a modern issue

If you’ve been following the news over the last several months, the issue of sexual harassment has been in the headlines everywhere (especially in entertainment, but crossing many other industries as well).

From Harvey Weinstein to Bill Cosby and beyond, we’ve come into a new age of conversation about what it means, how to recognize it, and how to prevent it.

One of my cast mates from Kaidan Project, Kitten McCreary, was so inspired that she came up with an idea for a PSA discusses this topic in a way that doesn’t feel like one of those dry training videos you are required to watch at work.

Take a look…

There are resources listed in the notes section of the YouTube video, and if you are a target of sexual harassment, or want additional clarification or support, I encourage you to check out those links.

Meanwhile from behind the scenes, it was a fun and quick project to shoot. I’m grateful to be able to share this message in such an imaginative way. I played Susan, a woman whose boss offered her a promotion in exchange for sexual favors.

Modern work life is not so black and white, but it’s a fun challenge to find new ways to discuss complex and emotionally charged topics in a way that feels fresh. Even if we have to reach back into the past to do so.

Be good to each other out there.

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