So What’s The Good News?

Photo Credit: Flickr / Arild Andersen

Photo Credit: Flickr / Arild Andersen

On the art of the audition and marketing oneself, a VO instructor once counseled her students that the game was about “Selection, not Rejection.” And in this brave new world filled with economic uncertainty, reduced advertising budgets, and an entertainment industry still woozy from the writer’s strike, those words were never more true. In the time since my last entry, we’ve entered a new year (happy belated 2009!), the world markets are all in a race to see which one will hit bottom first, we got a new President (welcome, President Obama, and Good Luck, Sir), and uncertainty about just about everything is at an all time high. The news each day is beyond depressing.

We are faced with more trade offs and sacrifices than ever before. A co-worker at my day job remarked that he’d rather take a slight pay cut than see another colleague (or himself) get laid off. Agencies are getting ever pickier in the face of fewer buyers for their talent and the need to sign only the most productive of talent, and can draw from a pool of talent thousands of members deep (from all over the world). And here I am, diligently making my way into this world. Welcome to Voiceover!

And despite (and maybe because of) the odds, I remain ever determined to succeed. Grateful to be living in Los Angeles, where I can learn from and train among the best, and to have achieved all that I have in just a year and a few short months of study. Humbled by the warm words of support, the generous advice and the camaraderie of my fellow VO actors and those professionals who’ve taken the time to mentor me. And hopeful that I will soon come into my own.

So, what’s the good news in all of this? In the face of such economic and professional uncertainty, this is not the time to hide – this is the time to shine brighter than your competition! I think this applies not only in the creative world but also in the corporate world. And in today’s world, I think the best kind of economic stimulus is the kind you create for yourself – by being entrepreneurial and creative, and showcasing your talents in the best light possible. And the upside is this: Selection, not Rejection.

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