Tomorrow is Monday. Make this week different.

Tomorrow is Monday. What will you do to make this week different from every other week you’ve ever had in your adult life?

For my creative, maker/artist + entrepreneur friends, I hope tomorrow is the first step in a new journey.

One that includes stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. One that brings you one day closer to a future where you…

… know exactly what value your creative gift provides to the world.
… know how to communicate it, clearly and confidently.
… know where to share your message, so that it can be heard by just the right audience. Your audience.
… have a system for communicating and sharing your message, so all you have to do is worry about being you and making awesome stuff.

My friend + mentor Selena Soo and I are offering a unique opportunity to add us to your dream team.

We want to join YOUR team.

Selena is a proven publicity + business strategist who has helped entrepreneurs of all stripes build their businesses through publicity.

I’m a brand storyteller, who can help you find the unique insight that helps you define your brand in a way that resonates. And then I can help you unlock the stories that help you own your brand and grow your business.

Enough blah blah… if you’re interested in working with us, learn more about what I’m offering to those who sign up through my link here:

Doors close on this opportunity very soon. If you have questions – just let me know. And I swear I’ll shut up about this. Promise.

Here’s to a kick ass week, friends!

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