A new chapter begins with a new website

I’ve been MIA for the last few months, and I missed you! I spent my summer and fall working closely with my consulting clients, and working on a brand new look for my website and business. I also did quite a bit of traveling (and running). It was also a time for personal reflection and some hard thinking about how I wanted to run my business and life. There’s a lot to share, and we won’t cover everything at once. (Becuase, whew!)

First, I’d like to introduce my new website to you.
Ratana Square logo colorway 1Today, I’m launching the newly redesigned ratana.net, focused on helping my clients carve out their story. Whether that’s through voiceover and performance, or by helping you define your brand, or by working with your team to communicate just the right message to your customers, I have one goal.

My goal: to help you elevate your career or business by communicating what you do best. Period. 

There are lots of ways to get there, but the goal is the same.

Let me give you a quick tour:
If you’re not sure how to position yourself to gain more clients, or land that dream job, let me help you identify your personal brand. Together, we’ll unlock the traits and skills that make you a stand out among your peers. Learn more about coaching here.

If you prefer to learn with a group, join me for a workshop or webinar. Together, we’ll talk about how to “find” your stories, what makes a great story compelling, and how to communicate your message effectively.

If you or your business needs more hands-on help, I’m available for private consulting as well.

And if you’re producing a piece that needs a storyteller, you can find out more about my voice work, improv and hosting skills here on the performing page.

Free Prize Inside. Get a 45-minute consultation with me, just because.

Still with me? As part of my website’s re-launch, I’m offering free 45-minute “Unlock Your Brand” consultations. Together, we’ll talk about your business or career goals, and take a 5-step look at your skills and traits to build your own personal Brand Roadmap, and help you identify the best way to position yourself for success. Click here to schedule time with me.

Connect with me.
Take a spin around the new ratana.net and let me know your thoughts in the comments. What would you like to learn from me?

Thanks for being here, I’m so glad you are.

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