Happy New Year! A look back and a look ahead

Photo Credit: Flickr / Jason Devaun

Photo Credit: Flickr / Jason Devaun

Happy New Year, friends!

THANK YOU for sharing this year with me. As we close out 2015, and greet 2016, wanted to share few highlights of this year…

  1. Hosting – Interviewing my friends LaQuita, Emily and Rebecca on the ActorsE Chat show about their upcoming projects. Hosting work is such fun, more like a conversation than anything else.
  2. Coaching and Consulting – Training two different Fortune 500 clients on the Art of Storytelling and how to Unlock and Unleash their Personal Brands. (Also: my first foray in webinars – such a learning experience!)
  3. Playing in the VO Booth – Lots of fun booth time working on commercials, web-based training modules, animated pilots and toys. If you listened closely (and didn’t fast forward through the commercials), you might have heard my voice on your TV or radio this year.
  4. Playing on Set – as a bloodied office worker for an upcoming film and on a super secret comedy project. So many talented, fun and funny folks.
  5. Singing – with the talented group of SAG-AFTRA Radio Players, on Birdie’s Playhouse, and learning to accompany myself with the ukulele.
  6. Learning – Continuing my education, as an actor, a teacher and a businesswoman. I started learning Spanish and the ukulele. (Not together, although maybe that’s next…) And worked with a great business coach to help streamline and grow my business. I also read a crap ton of books, on a variety of subjects…
  7. Running – Ran over 900 miles in 2015. Including the 30th anniversary of the LA Marathon and several half marathons, like the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco, the Disneyland Half, and Santa Barbara Veteran’s Day Half. Super grateful to my friends at Team in Training and my running buddies for their company and friendship, especially on those colder winter runs.
  8. Being Grateful – for many lessons learned this year, including: when to rest, when to stand your ground, and when to let go of whatever outcome you were hoping for. (The Buddhists call this “non-attachment. My spiritual friends call this “surrender.”) The best lessons: when to laugh at yourself, when to appreciate the comedy of life, and when to tell your friends and loved ones you appreciate them (hint: early and often). Thank you.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about a few things: more writing, more consulting and more time creating. Working on some storytelling projects that I can’t wait to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

Wishing you love, luck and great adventures in 2016!

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