Make Networking Suck Less (Again!)

Thuy and I at our first event. Photo Credit: Ratana

Thuy and I at our first event.
Photo Credit: Ratana

Networking. It’s a dirty word for some of us – it feels icky, uncomfortable and maybe even sleazy. But it doesn’t have to be. Networking is about making connections with like minded individuals. It’s about helping one another find ways to be successful. And it’s about paying it forward.

If you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, or even someone wanting to find success in your corporate career, you’ve already heard a thousand times “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

And (especially) if you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve resisted this – feeling like doing so will make you a sell out, and cheapening the art you make or the product you ship.

Some weeks ago, I wrote about my own adventures in networking. In late August, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a workshop with Thuy Tran, CEO of ABC’s for Business Success, to share how to network in a way that feels natural and authentic.  Thuy is a “Phase Two” Business Coach who helps her clients find efficiencies and profitability by finding the “hidden money” in their businesses.  (I call her the “Money Whisperer.”)

We partnered with our friends at IndieDesk, a co-working facility in Downtown LA to present our tips and tricks and had a lovely and educational evening. Our workshop was born directly from our own experiences with networking, and we were happy to share our process to a very enthusiastic group.

After the event, a number of friends and colleagues approached me about offering this class again.  Thuy and I will be co-hosting another event in the Orange County area soon (click here to sign up for the announcement), but for those of you who are closer to LA, I wanted to invite you to an encore presentation I’m offering for one night only, on October 7th.

We’ll be back at IndieDesk in DTLA, and for the first 20 people to sign up, this event is FREE.  (After 20 people, I am requesting a pay-what-you-can admission fee, which will be donated to charity.)  Want in? Click here.

Why should you go?

You know you need to network, but you hate it.  Ease yourself in.  As a Professional Storyteller, I understand the power of telling a compelling story. And as an entrepreneur, an artist or a professional seeking a different opportunity, the most compelling story you can tell is the very first one.  Spend a couple of hours with me, and you’ll learn:

* How to find & prepare for a networking event

* Our 5-step process for having a great networking conversation

* How to exit a conversation gracefully

* What to do after the event has ended

Then, practice what you’ve learned in a casual, low-pressure setting. And together, let’s make networking less icky and more awesome!

Like I said earlier, this encore presentation is free for the first 20 people… so please, click here to get your FREE VIP ticket.

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