Monday, again!

Source: Flickr / Riyuchi Miwa

Source: Flickr / Riyuchi Miwa

Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s the first week of November, and for a brief moment in time, it’s fall in LA. Cool, crisp, sunny and finally the right weather for sweaters and pumpkin spice everything. And it’s Monday, again!

For some of us, that’s not a good thing. We’ve hit snooze 7 times before finally padding into the bathroom to get ready for yet another monotonous week at the office. Same crap, different day.

For others, it’s a great thing. It’s a new week and a new opportunity to create and share. Monday, again! Yay!


While I’m not quite tap dancing this morning, I definitely tend towards the latter – “Monday, again!” Yay! I’m excited to dive into a new project with a new client, and I’ve come off a restful weekend prepping a new show. But lordy, I’ve had my share of the blah icky “Mondays.” Sometimes shifting your mood starts with a small action, something that helps to set you up for success later in the day. Maybe it’s lacing up your shoes and going for a quick run, or even spending a few minutes stretching or doing yoga in your living room. Perhaps it’s firing up your laptop and working on that writing project you’ve had in the back of your head, for just 30 minutes. (And hey, November is NaNoWriMo, so get on it! You might be the next Hemingway.) Maybe it’s something even simpler, like getting out of your pajamas and into street clothes today.

Whatever it is, give yourself a small victory and celebrate it. You’ll fire up the happy feelings and feel energized to do the next thing. And you’ll give yourself a new story to tell about your day. Shift your mood and shift your momentum.

Monday, again.

Monday, again!

You choose. Which description fits you best?


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