Preparing to leap…

Tom Fishburne over at Marketoonist published a great cartoon this morning about risk. In the cartoon, and accompanying blog post, he talks about the friction between risk and launching (a product). From my years of launching content, cereal and toys, I remember those discussions well.
Check out the cartoon here.
I remember the frustration of not being able to go when we thought we were ready because of a perceived risk that had yet to be addressed.  Usually they were minor things – nothing that jeopardized the safety of the consumer or the efficacy of the product.
The longer I work for myself, the more I spend time immersed in creative life, the more I realize:
I’ve spent my entrepreneurial, creative life unlearning all of that prior programming.
Innovation happens on the fringes. Massive change occurs at the edge of comfort. Sometimes in order to create, we need to ship before we are ready. If we work to mitigate all the risks before we launch, we risk missing the opportunity and remaining stuck where we are.
This goes for companies, and for people. Sometimes we have to go for our dreams before we think we are ready, and be okay with whatever the outcome is.
And that requires a deep breath, and a leap of faith. You got this.

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