Some Say… the box office is OPEN for Once on this Island!

Rehearsals are well underway in Woodland Hills, CA, where a small but intrepid band of musical theater nerds are singing their hearts out to prepare for the October 1st opening night of “Once on this Island.” Rehearsal nights are easily my favorite nights of the week – because it feels like we’re creating something fun and special together.

And I am so so so excited to announce: As of today, tickets are available! (YAY!)

My friends at Charles Steward Howard Playhouse made this fun little promo to open the box office, too.

If you’re around October 1, 2, 8, or 9th, I invite you to visit our tiny island and find out “Why we tell the story.”

TWO really important things to note:
1) Because you know me (and you must, because you’re reading this post), you get 50% off the price of tickets! Just click here, and use the code “LLS” at checkout. BOOM! $40 tickets for just $20 bucks. Need the ticket link again? Here’s the longer version:

2) You might be wondering what LLS means… well, I’ve been raising funds for my friends at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), and for every ticket you purchase, I’m donating 10% of the purchase price to LLS. But you have to use the code! (Hint: It’s LLS.)

It’s my birthday gift to myself, because I’d like to see Cancer eradicated in my lifetime. (A girl’s gotta have goals!) If you’d like to learn more about the cause, or make a donation directly yourself, just click here. My goal: sing my heart out for this show, and raise $2,000 to fight cancer.

So, what will you do now?  Head over to the box office, use the code “LLS,” get 50% off your tickets and help fight cancer.

All that for one little show? Pretty good deal, some say.

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