Cross-training with Storytelling – Theater of the Courtroom Podcast

Logo_TheateroftheCourtroomI had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Deblis, the host of the Theater of the Courtroom Podcast. His listeners are lawyers, who are looking to grow their presentation and persuasion skills using lessons from acting, improv and storytelling.

We discussed the art of storytelling, why it’s important and how to break down a story into its parts. So that you can apply these lessons whether you work in a courtroom or a cafeteria.

I love thHEADSHOT_TheateroftheCourtroomat Mike has explored how to apply skills from a completely different discipline (improv, acting) into his chosen profession. This is something I used to encourage with my coworkers and teams (when I worked in a corporate setting) and continue to suggest tomy coaching students.

Just like a runner might cross-train with yoga or swimming, as professionals, we need to cross-train too. It strengthens your muscle memory by create connections between the old skills and the new ones. And it may inspire you to try new things in your working life because of what you’ve learned.

It was a pleasure getting to know and talking with Mike. You can check out the conversation, here.



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