Challenge Accepted: The First 7 Days

It’s been a week!

Somehow, I’ve managed to get online and find something to talk about for 7 days straight.

This is what Day 7 looks like!


For those of you who’ve joined me for this part of the journey, thank you. I’m super grateful to all of you who’ve tuned in and offered comments, questions, and even likes + shares!

In this first week, I’m learning a lot:
– What works/doesn’t work for recording where I’m at. (Hint: natural light can be your best friend.)
– Having an idea of what you’re talking about is helpful. I like loose outlines I can improvise with.
– Being flexible (to change subjects on the fly) allows for spontaneity the ability to share new information in a more relevant way. Example: the day I took a spill while running, and decided to change that day’s topic completely.

– FB Live feels a bit like talking to an empty auditorium where the audience can pop in and out whenever they feel like it. I feel like I have to backtrack a lot and re-explain things to newcomers, and hope it’s not overly repetitive for those who were already there.
– Committing to airing at a certain time means being okay with recording where you are (like inside a parked car).

If you’ve missed a broadcast or two, you can catch up here:
Day 1: Is This Thing On?
Day 2: How did We Get Here…
Day 3: Life is what happens…
Day 4: Catch me I’m falling…
Day 5: You’ve got to be taught…
Day 6: Bit by bit, putting it together…
Day 7: “But you’ve read it twice!”

What do you think? If you’re finding these helpful, I’d like to know. Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

What’s going to happen in week 2? Who knows?? Tune in daily at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to find out. 7 days down, 14 to go.


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