Cyber Monday Thoughts + an Invitation

We are back from Thanksgiving (in the US) weekend, and if you celebrate, I hope it was a good one. Today is Cyber Monday, and I woke up with THOUGHTS on the subject.

I’m not averse to getting a great deal, but as a former marketer and product manager I’m a bit wiser to the tricks and tactics we use to get people into our stores (online and IRL).

I made a short Instagram story to share my thoughts:


Ultimately, this year, I don’t want to spend money just to spend money. I want to invest it. In my education, in breaking boundaries and in others.

I’m ending 2019 (and starting 2020) by signing up for a class. It’s called WORTHY, and my friend and mentor Rachel Rodgers is leading it. It’s geared towards teaching positive money mindset and practical practices for women who aren’t afraid of building wealth.

Join Worthy with me!

Rachel knows her stuff because she’s gone through it. She started off as a lawyer who transformed her practice and built a 7+ figure business (while raising a family with young children). She’s one of those take no bullshit people that I love to learn from.

As an actor and performer, there’s such a huge stigma around wealth and money. Like everyone has to be a grumpy starving actor, even though they secretly want to make bank. I personally hate this mindset – we aren’t better actors because we are poor. It isn’t cool to stuff a takeout container at crafty at every meal break on set. It’s exhausting to hear, “It must be nice to afford ___,” spoken on a sigh full of envy and self-loathing.

We often hear in acting class: don’t sound hungry. Or don’t be too thirsty. This is true in life. So why not be a THRIVING actor because you are investing in yourself and your craft by learning how to fix your mindset?

So that brings me back to WORTHY. I’m diving in. And inviting you to join me. There are only 100 spots (well, 99 now). Rachel will be teaching her best methods on wealth mindset and practice. And since I’m in class with you, I will host a weekly Worthy Workout Group, where we will discuss how the week’s lessons apply to our line of work, and dive into specifics.

If you want to join me, you can sign up here. When you do, let them know Ratana sent you (and drop me a line to let me know, too) – so I can add you to the Worthy Workout Group. Let’s make 2020 the year of the THRIVING ARTIST.

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