“Who Killed Little Gregory” drops on Netflix

If you’re looking for a new binge on Netflix, “Who Killed Little Gregory” is now available. It’s a true crime limited series about the unsolved murder of a small child in France. If you turn on the English dub, you’ll hear me in a couple of episodes as young Murielle.

Not gonna lie, this was a tough one for me to watch – it’s really hard for me to hear stories of little ones who are harmed in any way, and it broke my heart to watch a young person get caught up in the media crossfire – in a way that will haunt her for many years to come.

As an actor, it was a new challenge to bring to life the story of a little girl who was caught up in a sensational news story. She (Murielle) is a real person, as is everyone else in this series, and our director wanted you to hear their voices first, much like you would if you were listening to a news interview that was then dubbed by a translator.

I’m so curious to hear what you think about the story, this mystery and how the media chooses to glorify some crime stories. You can add “Who Killed Little Gregory” to your Netflix queue here.

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