Business FOMO. It’s a thing.

Business FOMO. It’s a thing.
It happens to us when we see our fellow actors getting called to a zillion auditions during pilot season and we’ve heard crickets.
It happens to us when we see our fellow entrepreneurs or side hustlers *blowing up* seemingly out of the blue.
It happens to us when we see people we love (or despise) getting amazing work (roles, clients) and they seem like they are on a roll.
And while we absolutely, genuinely thrilled for them, there’s a tiny naggy voice inside, saying: why not me?
Instead of stewing about the unfairness of the universe, take action. Maybe, starting with this killer training from my friend Selena Soo.
Selena is a talented publicity strategist who helped me grow my own business from practically nothing to a healthy, living 5-figure salary in the first year. I continue to grow my business using methods and strategies I’ve learned from her.
Meeting and working with Selena was a huge win for me, that begat lots (and lots) of other wins. Those wins = massive confidence builders. And confidence is super sexy to your future clients, agents, managers and teammates.
Intrigued? Selena is teaching a webinar that you can sign up for below (just click the pic).

In this complimentary training, you’ll learn…
* The story of an online star who got featured on multiple podcasts in her first month of business (and has since grown a movement of over 40,000 raving fans)
* How one health coach went from anonymous to sought-after expert – getting 2-page spreads in magazines, invitations to speak at top corporations, and a spot on FOX News with one of Oprah’s health experts
* How to finally get the media’s attention – even if it feels like thousands of people are competing for the same opportunities
* How Selena used online publicity to create a $330,000 launch (And how you can leverage publicity to get more high-quality leads and clients)
If you’re suffering from a little Business FOMO (and we all do, from time to time), it can’t hurt to spend an hour and hear what Selena has to say. (Pro tip: keep a pen and paper handy, you’ll want to take notes.)
Will you sign up? I’m so excited to hear your thoughts and questions! Comment below.
And one more time, here’s the link:

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